Looking Back on 2013



January – My first time ever going to national park. This time, it was Joshua Tree National Park (aka Land of the Lorax) in California.2013_01

May – Drove out to San Francisco for a couple of days. One of the best memories on the trip was when we took an 8 mile bike tour, which eventually led to biking on the Golden Gate Bridge.


May – As part of our weekend trip to Northern California, we stayed one night in Napa. Here, I discovered my favorite wine from Castello di Amorosa – a sweet wine called La Fantasia.


May – Our final stretch of the Northern California weekend trip was to quickly visit Sacramento on our way back to LA. There, we visited our state capital building, and it was gorgeous! Seriously wish I knew more about politics to appreciate being there a little more, hehe -_-”


July – Joseph managed to get tickets to San Diego Comic Con and we quickly headed that way! Highlight of the convention was going to the Breaking Bad Fan Appreciation party and being thiiis close to the cast while having Bryan Cranston wink at me, hehehehe.


August – My friend and I headed to Yosemite for five days to enjoy relaxation in the outdoors. We took it slow, stopping by the streams close to our cabin, taking a couple of hikes here and there. Yosemite was gorgeous in the summertime and a great getaway place for a few days.


October – For our 2 year anniversary, Joseph and I headed to the other side of the country – to the Big Apple also known as New York City. We stayed a block away from Times Square and it turned out to be a great decision as we were close to everything. Such a surreal experience and cannot wait to go back!


November – My brother and I headed to Indio to hike through the Painted Canyon. Though we almost got lost, we made it out alive by backtracking. My brother was completely scarred by this hike, whereas I was completely inspired.

Zion National Park

December – Our most recent trip led us to Utah’s Zion National Park. Going there during the off-season was great as people were scarce. However, this greatly limited the outdoors activity.

Zion Horseback Riding

December – Right outside Zion, I went horseback riding and it was exhilarating. Canyons all around us, we rode towards the sunset like proper cowboys.

Bryce Canyon National Park

December – As part of our Utah trip, we headed 3 hours from Zion to Bryce Canyon National Park. Higher in elevation, these spires of rocks were powdered with snow, making such a beautiful scenery.

Death Valley National Park

December – Death Valley was a place I thought I’d never want to go seeing as it is known for being hooot. I hibernate in the hot heat. However, as soon as we stepped one foot out of the car and into the park, this was the place to be in the winter time.

Looking back, this year was a great year for traveling for me. A lot of California’s major cities were visited, and I ended up spending a lot more time outdoors than the previous year. That’s always a plus!

Anyways, cheers to 2013!

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