I’ve always heard about Disney’s theme park Epcot to be fun, but I’ve never actually looked into what exactly is in Epcot (just like no one has ever told me that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is actually a zoo!). All I’ve known about this particular park is that there is a ginormous golf ball that everyone takes a picture with. That’s all.

What I’ve learned is that Epcot is divided into two parts: the entrance part is dedicated towards future thinking – futuristic rides, an exhibit of how to make agriculture better in the future, Michael Jackson as Captain EO in the future. The other 3/4ths of the park is geared towards showcasing the world. I’m not quite sure how these two subjects form a single park, but it is a unique combination. Read on to find what a day in Epcot looks like!

epcot_01Of course the first photo of Epcot has to be of the giant golf ball. It seems to be the most iconic landmark of the park! Everyone has a photo with it!

epcot_02The first ride we went on was ‘Living with the Land’. This slow ride took me for a loop, mainly because I wasn’t expecting Epcot to have any sort of rides or attractions that pertained to agricultural technological advancements!

Again, I really thought that all Disney theme parks were similar to Magical Kingdom so anything but that was a pleasant surprise.

This tour was definitely more towards the educational side. In the first half of the ride, they explained the various ways that humans can become more in-tuned with nature. The latter half was dedicated to showing the new technology that Epcot is building in order to make agriculture more efficient.

epcot_03 epcot_04What I didn’t like, however, is after all their preaching about improving our ways towards nature, Disney themselves are creating so much landfill materials through their cheap throw-away merchandise sold at their in-park souvenir stores as well as various stores like Wal-Mart and Dollar Stores. How many parents would buy unnecessary Frozen merchandise for their kids, only to see those items in the trash in the near future? Disney is consumerism at its best, and the landfills are proof of it.

Sigh, but I digress.

I guess the nice thing is, at least Disney is trying to educate the public about issues regarding agriculture as well as trying to help solve the problem that that industry is facing.

It was pretty neat, some of the things they were doing. It actually made me want to start a little garden myself!

epcot_05 epcot_06 Next, we witnessed some bizarre 3D show starring Michael Jackson and produced by George Lucas. It was so bizarre, I don’t think my eyeballs could unsee what has been seen anytime soon. *shudders*
If you’re interested in seeing Michael Jackson in his prime, conquering evil aliens by way of singing and dancing to the tune of the 80s, Captain EO is the ride of your dream.

epcot_07 epcot_08 epcot_09 epcot_10 As a fan of Coca Cola, seeing that Club Cool presented by Coca Cola is a thing excited me. We just had to go and stop by! Okay, I’m actually trying to quit but hey, free samples served here!

Inside the building is a room full of Coca Cola merchandise and soda machines that offers free samples to park-goers. What’s cool about the machine is they serve a variety of C.C. products from all over the world. I had a go at their Zimbabwe and Peruvian drinks, and I gotta say, they’re not better than Coca Cola Cherry drinks (sorry!).

When we went, the place wasn’t crowded but I can totally see the room PACKED during the summer time. Blistering sun, everyone all sweaty and bothered. What’s better than free cool beverages?!

epcot_11 epcot_12 epcot_13 Finally we get to the World Showcase!

What is the World Showcase, you ask?

Taking up 2/3rds of the park is this globetrotting experience. Here, Epcot highlights 11 countries of the world and gives you a unique experience, letting you travel around the world without leaving the park. Each country has its own space in the park that’s dedicated to giving you the feel and culture of their respective countries. What’s more, Disney hires only crew members FROM each country for even more authenticity. When you walk into Italy, the architecture of the place is so spot-on, you would think you’re really in Italy. The stores sell only Italian-related products and and those working in the stores will speak with an authentic Italian accent because, well, they’re really Italian!

It really is a cool experience that I would think make park-goers excited to travel around the world and learn about other cultures.

epcot_14 The first area we visited was the U.K, meaning that we completely skipped over Canada! Oh well, that’s okay! Immediately we were walking on the steps of the U.K, surrounded by buildings that was amazingly detailed! There were the red telephone booths scattered about, signs for the tea shop, buildings that looked like they’re from the Charles Dickens era, and I was head over heels in love with it all!

Immediately we went to a store called Twinings Tea. It was a small store that adjoined a lot of other small stores. All sold only U.K. related products – more tea, tea sets with the Union Jack flags on it, double decker bus models, rugby shirts, and whole lot more. It was crazy and it was cool.

epcot_15 epcot_16 Unlike the Magic Kingdom, you hardly see Disney characters walking the park. But on occasion (they’ll tell you on the guide map), there will be scheduled times when characters do come out and greet the guests. Shown here: Mary Poppins in the U.K. area.

epcot_17 Next, we head to my favorite place in the park – FRANCE!

epcot_18 epcot_19 epcot_20 AH, so picturesque! Well… the overcrowding of the tired park-goers do not at all help with this photo, but   everything else looks so magical! The set design seems spot on, I love that I can see the ‘Eiffel Tower’ in the back, and everything is just so well done!

Seriously makes me want to live in Paris!

epcot_21epcot_22 If I lived in Paris, this would totally be my building. Those shutters! Those flowers! Those windowpanes! Ah, so instagramable!

epcot_23 We enter our first store in France, and to my happy surprise, they sell high end French designer products!! Givenchy scarves lined the wall. CHANEL perfumes covered the shelves. Beauty products were available to test. It is just the kind of store that a lady like myself would love to peruse.

epcot_24 epcot_25 epcot_26 epcot_27 epcot_28 epcot_29 epcot_30 epcot_31 epcot_32 epcot_33 epcot_35 epcot_36 Off to Morocco we go!

epcot_37 epcot_38 epcot_39 epcot_40 Morocco is high on my list of countries to visit. Yet, visiting Epcot’s Morocco further fueled the fire to this desire. As we walked around the bazaar of this country, I couldn’t help but admire all the work and detail that went into making this shopping area as real as possible to those in Morocco. Now, I’ve never been, like I said, but it felt like what I’ve seen in photos and movies. All of the baskets hanging high above the ceiling, the clay pots and pans, the spices.. all that was needed were shopkeepers urging you to come and visit their store.

epcot_41 Next, we hit up Japan, man!

epcot_42 There, we went into the highly well known department store of Japan called Mitsukoshi. This place was huge. They had everything from regular t-shirts to expensive pearl jewelry of Mikimoto to kimonos, tea sets, dinnerware, anime figurines, Japanese snacks, and SO MUCH POKEMON STUFF!

epcot_44 Here, a Japanese cast member is demonstrating pearl diving. Below, you’ll see another cast member working on making jewelry out of those pearls. I love how transparent they are with the creating process!

epcot_43  epcot_45epcot_46 We didn’t spend too much time in Italy because at this point, we were starting to get really tired and food became a priority. Plus, the rain had started to drizzle and Italy was just an open forum. Nowhere for us to take shelter!

epcot_47It amazes me that Disney sells ridiculously expensive products in their souvenirs stores. This castle has to be covered in diamonds to be worth $37,500, right?!? Holy crappanoli.

What was the most expensive Disney product you’ve seen while in their parks? I’d love to hear some stories!

epcot_48 epcot_49 By the time we got to China, our feet needed a break and our stomachs needed refueling. So we dined at the restaurant of Nine Dragons.

epcot_50epcot_51epcot_52 This is what you get if you order the Sweet and Sour Pork. I couldn’t finish it. The pork was good, and so was the rice. But the broccoli needed a lot of work. Maybe undercooked. The rest of my table had the same experience with their broccoli as well, and they had different dishes than me.

We actually went to all of the countries except Canada (next time!) but I just didn’t include them in the post in fear of overloading you guys. However, all the countries were so well done. I still favorite France above all else but ya know, that just because Paris is my number one destination right now!

epcot_53epcot_54 We finished the day in Disney’s Epcot with, what else, but a fireworks show over the World Showcase Lagoon? I love that Disney ends their day with a celebration of fireworks. I rarely see them except when I pass by Disneyland in California at night or when I go to a theme park. So these are always a treat.

Overall, I highly enjoyed a day travelling around the world with Joseph and his mom. Yet, a sense of pain also hits because I’m visiting these countries through a theme park instead of exploring the true countries themselves. However, for a girl who hasn’t gone abroad, I do appreciate that Epcot gives people like me the experience of what it could be like going to those countries.

Have you been to Epcot? What are your thoughts on this theme park?


  1. December 19, 2014 / 2:33 am

    Oh Girl! Now I want to go back to Disney. I went to Disney World like 5 years ago or a little bit more but my family and me only went to Animal Kingdom and I regretted so much that I couldn’t get to Epcot. Now I’m reading all the fun and cool stuff they have, I more sad u__u I need to go back soon!!!

    • Deasy Noel
      December 23, 2014 / 4:45 am

      Aw, sorry! But Epcot is a great park that you definitely should visit one of these days!

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