The Best Pork Belly Sandwich Ever!

DAY FOUR // So far on this trip, we have been eating at some really neat places. One of the neater places was Alice’s Tea Cup in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where we had breakfast. It’s a bit of a shabby hole-in-the-wall sort of place, but had a lot of interesting character to it. Just go inside and see! :)

NewYork_076 NewYork_077 NewYork_078NewYork_079 NewYork_080 NewYork_081

A staple in New York is Baked By Melissa, a chain cupcake brand that offers bite size cupcakes where each cupcake is an affordable $1.50. Totally a great option if you just need to fill a tasting crave!

NewYork_082 NewYork_083 NewYork_084

Afterwards, we made a walk to the Guggenheim Museum, a place where the architecture of the place has been photographed so much.

The exhibit we saw was interesting – this guy documented his life so meticulously in print and art form. For example, he painted typography of different dates in his life on canvas. Or, he sent postcards to different people in his life about what he did that day.

Basically, the modern day Social Media.

It. Was. Crazy.

NewYork_085 NewYork_086 NewYork_087 NewYork_088

And then a collection by a different artist who created all her pieces through cut glass. The amount of time it takes to make one.. wow..

NewYork_089 NewYork_090

Modern Art.. I still don’t get it.
NewYork_092 NewYork_097

Had lunch at Vietnaam, and ate my first ever Pork Belly meal when I ordered the Pork Belly Sandwich.

Oh. My. Gawd. SO GOOD! I cannot emphasize that enough. How have I never ordered pork belly before?!

If you’re Vietnamese, you’re probably shaking your head. *Ashamed*

NewYork_093 NewYork_094

Another staple in New York – nut carts. They are SOOO good. I got the peanut ones and gobbled them up.

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