Seize Your Moment

When I was in high school, I had the dream of traveling the world, one country at a time. Funnily enough, at that same time, I barely stepped out of my little town. I didn’t even explore the next town over. I kept making excuses like “oh, I don’t have a car and it takes too much energy to take the bus” or “oh, I don’t have enough money to do x, y, and z” or “oh, I have too…
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Sauntering Down San Antonio’s River Walk

I flew out to San Antonio back in April to photograph a wedding and of course, took the opportunity to extend my business trip a few days and explore a little more of Texas. It only makes sense that the first landmark I visit is the famous and beautiful San Antonio River Walk. While I was there, it also happened to be the week that the annual San Antonio’s Fiesta week was occurring – an event that many businesses take part…
San Antonio, Texas
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Art Appreciation in Santa Fe

Going through some photos from last year, I realized I missed a couple of places from New Mexico, the main one being Santa Fe – one of the reasons Joseph and I wanted to take a trip to this state in the first place! As a whole, New Mexico is so different from the rest of the country, and you can definitely see it in their two main cities. There is such a beautiful spirit that blends the Spanish and the…
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Small Town of Julian

Out into the countryside of San Diego is a small town called Julian, known for their apples. Apple orchards, apple picking, apple pies! Yum! I ventured out there in December, mainly because I had a client photo engagement session arranged there, but my friend Cara actually knows the bride, so she and I decided to make a little outing out of it before the photo session started. Such a cute and charming used book store! Can you tell what we…
Julian, California
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6 Reasons to Visit Minnesota

For Joseph’s family’s annual get-together, they met up in Minnesota and invited me along! I have never been to that state, and honestly didn’t know what to expect. But since we were meeting up with his family members that are local to the state, I knew we were in good hands. Despite being bitten quite horribly by spiders and mosquitoes (my fault, I didn’t use insect repellent! O___O”), the boyfriend and I had such a fun trip exploring Minnesota with…
Minnesota, United States
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Packing for Yosemite

Ah, labor day weekend. The last big weekend of summer. I am absolutely excited to say that I will be joining my friend Anna on a trip to Yosemite National Park in a couple of days, and will be staying there for a few days before making our way down to San Luis Obispo for a night. This will be my second time visiting the Park, and there is still so many things on my bucket list regarding the place,…
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The Best Pork Belly Sandwich Ever!

DAY FOUR // So far on this trip, we have been eating at some really neat places. One of the neater places was Alice’s Tea Cup in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, where we had breakfast. It’s a bit of a shabby hole-in-the-wall sort of place, but had a lot of interesting character to it. Just go inside and see! :) A staple in New York is Baked By Melissa, a chain cupcake brand that offers bite size cupcakes where each cupcake…
New York City, New York
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