Weekend Bachelorette in Napa

As someone who’s having a destination wedding soon, it only makes sense to continue the theme by having a destination weekend bachelorette in Napa, right? The best part is that my closest friends love to travel as well, so when I brought up the idea of dragging everyone through a California road trip with the main destination of California’s wine county – Napa – everyone was on easily board. But since the drive to Napa from Los Angeles would be…
Napa, California
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Surrounded by California Poppies

The best part about summertime are the blooming flowers, hands down. For a while now, I have been trying to get to as many flower fields in California as possible, but with such a short window (spring-time), it’s not the easiest task. There was the failed attempt at Soda Lake, the semi-failed attempt at Antelope Valley in Lancaster, and the easy giveaway at Carlsbad Flower Field. Of course, I don’t see flower fields in LA, and California in general is quite…
Santa Ynez, California
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Checking In: Madonna Inn’s Cave Room

On our way back from spending a week in Yosemite and stopping by Hearst Castle, we settled down for the night at a unique inn in San Luis Obispo called Madonna Inn. It was Anna that recommended this inn, as she found it on a “Best Of” list that I can’t quite remember. What makes Madonna Inn special is its very-over-the-top kitsch decor and its “110 whimsical guestrooms”, each decorated to a specific theme. Let’s just say that this inn…
San Luis Obispo, California
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California Dreamin’

West Coast, Best Coast, am I right?! Last year, I wrote a post on reasons why I love New York. It seemed about time that a list was made for my home state – golden California. California, specifically the southern part of the state (Los Angeles and San Diego) has been my home since I can remember. I never thought much about what this state has to offer, until I started traveling to other parts of the country and realized…
California, United States
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Checking In: InterContinental San Francisco

For our recent trip to San Francisco, we ended up staying at InterContinental San Francisco. InterContinental hotels are the luxury hotels from the IHG hotel group, and this would be the first time I would be staying in one, so I thought I’d write a review of my first impression! ‘ LOCATION: The main allure of this place to us was the location – it was only a couple of blocks away from Union Square. Maybe a five minute walk.…
San Francisco, California
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Small Town of Julian

Out into the countryside of San Diego is a small town called Julian, known for their apples. Apple orchards, apple picking, apple pies! Yum! I ventured out there in December, mainly because I had a client photo engagement session arranged there, but my friend Cara actually knows the bride, so she and I decided to make a little outing out of it before the photo session started. Such a cute and charming used book store! Can you tell what we…
Julian, California
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One Infinite Loop

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is the mecca of tech companies. To name a few – Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, HP, LinkedIn, Netflix, and the list just keeps going. For a non-techie like myself, I only hear stories of what the place is like because it’s so exclusive to those whose lives don’t revolve around the newest software or computer-related trends. And it’s this elusiveness that draws me in and makes me want to visit this special world of nerdiness.…
Silicon Valley, California
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