Small Town of Julian

Out into the countryside of San Diego is a small town called Julian, known for their apples. Apple orchards, apple picking, apple pies! Yum! I ventured out there in December, mainly because I had a client photo engagement session arranged there, but my friend Cara actually knows the bride, so she and I decided to make a little outing out of it before the photo session started. Such a cute and charming used book store! Can you tell what we…
Julian, California
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Parabo Press Review

During the holidays, I came across an Instagram sponsored post for a printing company called Parabo Press that offered 25 free 5″x5″ prints + cost of shipping ($8). The advertisement suggested printing photos from Instagram, and it seemed like a good idea to print some of my favorite images from my Instagram feed, so I gave it a whirl and ordered a batch. The ordering process was very simple. As of now, they only take orders through their Android or…
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One Infinite Loop

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is the mecca of tech companies. To name a few – Apple, Google, Facebook, Intel, HP, LinkedIn, Netflix, and the list just keeps going. For a non-techie like myself, I only hear stories of what the place is like because it’s so exclusive to those whose lives don’t revolve around the newest software or computer-related trends. And it’s this elusiveness that draws me in and makes me want to visit this special world of nerdiness.…
Silicon Valley, California
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Christmas in San Francisco

These days, my idea of Christmas is spent traveling. Last year, my family and I went to the Grand Canyon for our first ever family trip. The year before that, I joined Joseph and his mom for a road trip to Utah where we ultimately stayed in Zion for a few days. This year, it was only me and my beloved fiance spending a couple of nights over Christmas together as we took a car ride to beautiful San Fransokyo…
San Francisco, CA
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Looking Back on 2015

It’s crazy how time seems to fly by the older we get. I remember in high school, life seemed to just crawl as I wished for the school year to end. And now, as I sit here as a 25 year old lady, life just passes me by when all I want is for it to slow down immensely. As I reflect back on this past year, I’m actually very surprised at all of the things that happened, especially travel-wise.…
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The Grand Rooms Tour of Hearst Castle

When you’re feeling like you want a piece of Europe but you’re stuck in California, or if you just want to see a pimped out house, a visit to Hearst Castle might be the cure for your cravings. Built by the newspaper mogul back in the early 1900s, William Randolf Hearst, this castle is situated on a hill near San Luis Obispo and overlooks the Pacific Ocean in the distance. It took nearly 30 years from 1919 – 1947 for…
San Simeon, California
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Video: New Mexico Highlights

To wrap up the video portion of our trip to New Mexico, I’ve compiled a bunch of video clips and made a highlights video. There is still one more post I need to write about from our trip, which involves aliens (!?) but I was too excited not to show this video to you guys, haha. View past posts on New Mexico: A Surprise at Albuquerque Balloon Festival / Video Breaking Bad Fans in Albuquerque 600Ft Underground in Carlsbad Cavern Sledding…
New Mexico, United States
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