The Jeep and the Sedan


Last Sunday, Joseph and I decided to take a quick drive up the mountain for no apparent reason than to get out of the apartment. It was a chilly day, and even chillier the higher up we went. Because snow was expected to be seen eventually, and we had no snow tires or chains, the last stop on the ride was at Haramokngna National Forest. Or rather, their parking lot.

Prior to the drive, we had not decided where or what to do really do, so I had dressed rather lightly. Which meant that once I stepped out to that parking lot, my mouth couldn’t stop chattering. We scoped the lot, found a few interesting things to photograph, and left towards the bottom of the mountain. It was then, that an incident happen.



You see, going up and down the mountain, there is only one lane for each. If there’s a slow driver in front of you, there’s basically no way of getting around him in order to increase your speed. Well, Joseph was going at a pretty steady speed and not slow by any means.

But the car behind us thought different. The sedan kept right on our car with a bit of an aggression for a while until, thankfully, a passing lane came up and the sedan was able to drive in front of us.

A few minutes later, another car – this time, a Jeep – started getting way too close to us, and acted even more aggressive than the sedan. So Joseph let him through.

Lo and behold, the aggressive sedan was in front of the more aggressive Jeep. The Jeep was egging the sedan on so much that the sedan swerved off for a bit to let the Jeep go first, but without first flipping the Jeep the bird.

From inside our car, Joseph and I laughed at the bitter karma that came knocking on the sedan’s door. Unfortunately, it all became too literal too fast.

Right there, in the middle of a two-lane mountainous rode, in front of a line of cars, the Jeep’s front doors flew open. Two angry-looking men in their twenties swiftly stomped over to the sedan, kicking, knocking, punching, and even trying to open the door.

We were instantly terrified. Joseph glanced at his phone to try and call the police, but no signal. Parents of these young men with obvious tempers came out, themselves looking terrified. They pleaded for their sons to get back in the car and after a few moments, they agreed and drove off down the windy road a thousand miles per hour. Thankfully no one was hurt.

All we kept thinking was it could have been us. If we had pushed the Jeep’s buttons in the slightest way, they could have been bashing ours.

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