There was only one other time when I traveled to the far reaches of Malibu, and that was for a wedding. I stopped by the Malibu pier to take a couple of snapshots and then headed back down the Pacific Coast Highway while listening to the radio station ‘Love Songs on the Coast’.

Yesterday was second time I went – for an engagement session gig – and the beach’s official title is ‘El Matador State Beach’. About halfway up the 24 miles of Malibu Coast, there was a small sign(almost hidden if you’re not actively looking for it) that announced the beach’s location. We pulled into a dirt parking lot ($8), that included a porta-potty and a few picnic benches. Perished shrubberies surrounded the lot. It wasn’t until we made our way down the fairly long and steep trail down to the beach (the parking lot was on top of a cliff), that we saw the breathtaking view.


The beach itself is small to moderate size. Not many people were there, and those that were, did not stay for long. There are many rocks and seaweeds. There are also many photographers so you know El Matador is a great spot for its scenery.

Overall, El Matador in Malibu is a great beach to stop by if you are traveling through the long Malibu coast, possibly during sunrise or sunset.

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